Local pharmacies in Prescott, AZ

I love this pharmac,this is how pharmacies should be
Pros: The staff is friendly,help full,but even better is the pharmacist himself,.....usually things trickle down,as in the pharmacist is friendly,help full and his employees follow suit😀\rCons: I have gone to Walgreen's(unprofessional,uncaring)CVS(slow slow slow, gotta give them a week to fill even simple ,common meds)Fry's(their OK, 2 nd on my list)Costco(to exspensive)so everybody,you should try Thumb Butte Pharmacy 3120 willow creek rd prescott office 928-237-4006 I think there's one in PV, not sure.thumb butte pharmacy can't improve on perfection...but other pharmacies can learn lots from thumb butte pharmacy example.trust & believe