Local pharmacies in Denver, CO

Scales Pharmacy LLC
Best customer service ever!
Pros: I used to use a big chain pharmacy - you know, when I was young and healthy and only needed a prescription every now and then. But I have developed some life-long conditions and found the chain pharmacies to be completely lacking in any kind of true customer service. When I lived in Idaho, I went to a locally-owned independent pharmacy and was amazed at the level of customer service. I vowed that I would always use a locally-owned independent pharmacy from then on. Scales Pharmacy is top notch in their customer service. They treat me like a person and not a prescription. They are kind and patient and helpful, going out of their way to help me with a problem with my insurance. They know me by name. They noticed when I got a hair cut. I mean, seriously, who knows their customers that well to notice when I got a hair cut? They are truly good people there. I live in North Denver (almost Thornton) and I prefer to go to Scales because of their service. The only issue is parking. I sometimes have to drive around the block a few times to find a space. But it is SO worth it to go to a pharmacy who cares. \rCons: I can't think of anything that Scales Pharmacy could do to improve. They are awesome.