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Dupont Circle Pharmacy
Ms. Dorothy Customer Service Experience at it's Absolute Best!
Pros: To Whom It May Concern, I'm sending this email to inform of the Quality Healthcare Patient Customer Service Experience I had to day with Ms. Dorothy and I am So Very Honored and Pleased to say that she is Absolutely a Jewel for Grubbs Pharmacy Patient Customer Service and as a Representative-w- Grubbs Pharmacy, she is absolutely meticulous and extremely respectful and kind and warm and genuine friendly deamenor is do very much Appreciated Sincerely and I'd like to add her Lady-like personality is So Very Refreshing and Again her Respectful deamenor is So BLESSED to have Now Days when you Don't See or have Proper Etiquette and Respect in Customer Service and like I said it's Absolutely So Very Refreshing and it was a Pleasure and Honor to be Serviced by Ms. Dorothy and Please convey my Personal Thanks to her for being Customer Service at It's Absolute Best! Respectively, Ms. Rosetta M Archie Satisfied Grubbs Pharmacy Client!\rCons: Nothing!