Local pharmacies in Smyrna, DE

Atlantic Apothecary
Best local pharmacy
Pros: There are two locations. One in Smyrna, DE and one in Camden, DE. They both employ the most knowledgeable, kind, and personable staff I've had the pleasure of working with. There are some minor inconveniences, like having to wait for some medications to be ordered and shipped in, and short business hours compared to nationwide chains. I'll cope with these miniscule faults to work with people who actively try to make visits as productive and efficient as possible. \rCons: Kick PioneerRx to the curb and work with a more reliable mobile app provider. I can't even use the app, despite using the same information I've verified with the pharmacy multiple times while picking up prescriptions, or using the login that works on the website. Nor can I select this pharmacy on the website, because it gives an error about the link being expired. Literally unusable service. I will be reporting this to the owner of the pharmacies. He's due a refund.