Local pharmacies in Palm Bay, FL

Malabar Discount Pharmacy
Amazing Helpful Very customer oriented!!!!
Pros: They are always busy but make time for you if you can be patient until its your turn!!!! Very personable in person, or on the phone!! I love this pharmacy!!!!\rCons: They need some nice cheap tables where people can sit comfortably while waiting!!!!! Maybe a place for kids to play or read donated books from the community which i am willing to donate kids books and toys for....If a child wants the toy they are playing with give it to them so they do not cry!!! Babies dont know better and its time our community shows how much we care about the little ones!!!! Wont cost the pharmacy a dime if they just ask us for things!!! Older folks live babies and kids and also love to sit and chat with a coffee also donated if you ask with paper cups and a trash can... That is a community pharmacy!!! oh yes Andre needs help and a raise for his delivery services!!! Hes a truly honest caring young man and it would be a real shame if you lose him to another job, he uses his own car to do this as well!!! I do not drive anymore and feel he is god sent and a gift from a well serving pharmacy!!!!