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Thrifty Mac Discount Drugs, Inc.
Thrifty Mac Saved my Life
Pros: Thrift Mac pharmacy has LITERALLY been a life saver for my healthcare and access to the prescriptions I need (and when I need them) that NO OTHER PHARMACY has EVER been able to even come close to. At CVS/Walgreens/WalMart .... you are just another patient ID number and RX number ... and the more unique your medication needs become ... the more you DREAD and FEAR that the pharmacy will be there with what you need and when you need them. I suffer from a rare and VERY SEVERE sleep disorder that completely paralyzes and debilitates my life without the prescription medications that I take to manage it. In the last couple years the ingredients used to make theses RX's and increased demand for them created a national drug shortage that the pharma manufacturers have TOTALLY FAILED to solve because of regulation and the low profit margins of the meds themselves. As each month passed the shortage got worse and no I would find myself spending HOURS and HOURS in days leading up to my refill date calling different pharmacies to find one that had my medications in-stock. Even when I would FINALLY find one that had the medications available at that moment ... their policy was first-come first-serve and by the time my refill date arrived it would be gone. Or promised to set aside for me ... only to learn their computer had the wrong number available than what was on the shelf. It became such a nightmare I was facing a medical leave of absence from work because it was become unsafe for me to take care of my own patients with a sleep disorder that was going un-medicated for days or weeks at a time. The VERY WEEK I decided there was no other choice but to take medical leave at work (UNPAID) ... I made one last call to a random small-town pharmacy I was certain would be the least likely to help me ... I WAS SO WRONG! From that day until now ... Griffin (Thrify-Mac's owner and Lead Pharmacist) has gone SO FAR OUT OF HIS WAY every month ... to hunt for new manufactures with enough availability to fill EACH OF MY medications ... and there has not been A SINGLE MONTH since where he was not able to find a way to insure my RX was there waiting for me the day my refill was due. Thrifty Mac proactively communicates with me each month reassuring me things are on track to fill my prescriptions ... and has even found unique ways of helping me lower the cost when my insurance did not want to pay for one of them. Working in healthcare myself ... I know how difficult it can be to take so much time out of your day to meet the needs of a SINGLE patient when there are dozens of others who are depending on you as well. But the team at Thrify Mac has NEVER made me feel like a nuisance or headache ... and have always spent whatever time and efforts that it required to meet my unique needs. What a COMPLETE GOD-SEND it has been for me and my family to know I have this kind of healthcare partner on my side EVERY time I need them (which is all the time). Thank you Griffin and Thrifty Mac team for providing such a PATIENT CENTERED and TOTALLY unheard of commitment to quality and dedicated care. It has totally changed my life and my ability to feel safe and in control of my health. - William F (Thrifty Mac patient & customer since May, 2023)\rCons: I can't imagine anything this pharmacy could do for me better than what they are already doing!