Local pharmacies in Paris, IL

Paris Clinic Pharmacy
Pros: Products are good.\rCons: I was a long time customer at this Pharmacy until an employee allowed a personal matter to cross over into professional matters. Apparently this issue was shared with the pharmacist and my husband and I were treated quite rudely whenever we attempted to obtain our medicine. This happened several times before I made a complaint to one of the owners. He dismissed my complaint as having no merit. It again happened and I again made a complaint to the same owner. He again dismissed my complaint and failed to address the situation. If it is one thing I have learned in my years in the military, and in which all employees/owners in the customer service field should know, is that complications in the professional field should not at any time be influenced by personal matters. Simply put - leave it at home. This is a small town with a small town mentality when it comes to the locally owned businesses. Loyal customers are not prized. Not when these businesses have adopted the attitude that the service they provide is unique and unobtainable elsewhere. Well, elsewhere is where I went. My current pharmacy has a much larger client base than Paris Clinic and at times I wait longer for my prescriptions. However, the trade off in being treated with courtesy, concern and in the maintaining of my confidentiality is far far worth it.