Local pharmacies in Morehead City, NC

Community Pharmacy, Inc.
Does not accept GoodRx
Pros: I do not have insurance and for a 30 day supply of my prescription I was paying about $435. So I was thrilled when I downloaded the GoodRx app and they had a coupon that brought the price down to $265 for a 30 day supply. However when I presented it to the cashier she said that she would have to speak to the pharmacist before accepting the coupon. The pharmacist came over and told me he would be happy to give me my script back and that I could find another pharmacy if I wanted it at that price. I was stunned at his reaction. I have never been to a pharmacy that flat out refused to accept a coupon because it gave me too much of a discount! GoodRx is reputable and widely accepted at every other pharmacy that I have used. I was disappointed as well because I had chosen to use Community pharmacy to help support local business but it seems that they were unwilling to help members of the community if it meant giving “too much of a discount”. Needless to say they have not only lost my business but my support as well.\rCons: See Above