Local pharmacies in Buffalo, NY

Riverview Professional Pharmacy
Wonderful for Caretakers
Pros: I recently moved my grandparents over to this pharmacy and ITs amazing how much their boxes help me keep track of their meds. It so much easier for them to read than the pill packs, they can take their meds when they travel, and I can always see what is taken or isn't. Their deliveries are super convenient as well! Deliveries go straight to my grandparents house, I don't have to pick up anything. They have made taking care of my grandparents that much easier and I would suggest them to anyone. and they really tried to work with me to get them on board. Their staff is fantastic. the only problem I had was with my doctor actually getting the prescriptions to them in a timely manner and there's really nothing that they can do about that,.\rCons: I don't think there's anyway that I can think of for them to do better.