Local pharmacies in Buda, TX

Buda Drug Store
Came to my rescue in the Icy Mess
Pros: I am not a current customer of the Buda Pharmacy but after today I certainly will be. It is day 4 of the hard freeze here in Buda and with no power and icy roads my usual pharmacy at Walmart was closed. My doctor desperately called all of the pharmacies in Buda and finally got one to answer at the Buda drug store. I was in need of antibiotics for a post surgical infection. Mrs. Tammy Gray came to my rescue. With no electricity she hand wrote my prescription and had her amazing husband deliver it me at my home in the snowy, icy conditions. What an amazing family and local business owner. I will forever be in their debt. They will have all of my business from now on and I cant not recommend them enough. This is what our world needs more of. Thank you again to the Buda Pharmacy Drug Store and the Gray Family.\rCons: not a thing... they are perfect just as they are.