Local pharmacies in Houston, TX

Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts
One of the best gift shops ever!
Pros: Briargrove Pharmacy is a jewel! The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. And if you want to find truly unique gifts, then you will browse (and buy) here often! And it's very handy to have the postal station inside the pharmacy!\rCons: Since they do take old meds for proper disposal, I would ask them to have a sign showing how much it costs to do that (I don't think it's free!)
First Choice Pharmacy
Be VERY careful with this pharmacy!
Pros: No comment\rCons: The owner, Tri, takes advantage of customers whose insurance doesn't cover the prescription and have to pay out of pocket. He also knew that my usual pharmacy has my meds on backorder, and so he intentionally & gradually started increasing the prices of my meds (knowing I wouldn't really have a choice if I wanted my prescription). First he told me he would match GoodRxs pricing.... never happened. Whatever, I paid what he asked month after month knowing he's at least 50% higher than GoodRx's prices, but given my situation as well as the shortage of my meds, I felt like I had no choice. However, the last straw came yesterday when my doctor said she could send in 2 months worth of medication in efforts of helping me save costs from our monthly appts & my medication (again, all out of pocket), and after discussing with Tri (the owner) over the phone, he said that he could fill the 2 months supply no problem, then he confirmed stock and we agreed on a price. He said I could pick up the meds tomorrow. Well, the next morning I get a call from Tri and he apparently had changed his mind and said he couldn't do that anymore because its "too many pills" for him to dispense at once. But if that's the case, why even confirm stock and agree on a price with me for the 2 month supply the day before? He can say all he wants about "too many pills" and "shortages" but thats not the real reason. The real reason is because he realized that I would be paying him $140 for the month to month meds rather than the $180 for the 2 month supply that he had agreed to only the night before. I asked him if he could AT LEAST bring the price down for the 1 month supply (if he couldn't do the 2 month supply), and he flat out gave a hard NO. Basically telling me that he couldn't care less about the fact that had lied on numerous occasions, and unethically raised prices on me because of my situation. Never once did he genuinely apologize or even ATTEMPT to make it right.. In fact, I got the exact OPPOSITE of that by telling me that if I didn't like it, then I could go somewhere else. It's actually quite a shame because initially I was thinking that First Choice Pharmacy could ACTUALLY BE my "FIRST CHOICE", however because of the dishonest & opportunistic qualities the owner has shown me over the past 7 months I've gone there, this place had really become "NO CHOICE PHARMACY." The sad thing is, he really seemed like a good guy at first (or at least I thought he was). I thought he truly cared about people and wanted to earn his customers' business. I now see how naive I was to think that... Be very careful with this pharmacy!
Vita-Care Pharmacy
Professional and Caring
Pros: My Pharmacist Christina has been with me for over 3 years, she personalizes taking care of my needs, reminds me, and is there before, during, and after. Just wonderful.\rCons: Really can't think of anything, My care has been incredible.