Local pharmacies in Mabank, TX

Mabank Family Pharmacy
Pros: N/A\rCons: Today, when calling Mabank Family Pharmacy to check on my Thyroid medication, I was informed that they denied my prescription because “they would lose too much money if they filled it.” I was then advised to “just call around to see if someone else will fill it, because they aren’t going to.” I’m a strong believer in supporting local businesses. My husband, family and friends all use Mabank Family Pharmacy. (Though, as of today, my husband will no longer) This decision was made not by them simply denying my prescription, but by the way it was handled and how they went about it. Instead of further discussing this concern, and maybe as a courtesy filling my prescription this one time and letting me know that moving forward they won’t be able to, due to the cost, they instead denied my medication that I critically need without any disregard to my health. I find it ironic, that on their website it states “We go above and beyond to make sure our community is taken care of the same way we would treat our own family.” It’s hard to believe that they would in fact treat their own family members this way.