Local pharmacies in Tyler, TX

Brickstreet Pharmacy
Overcharge you and never tell you
Pros: Nothing \rCons: This company will overcharge you for your order, but then never tell you about it after the fact and just keep your money. They don't just issue a refund check (even though they have your address) or even call you to tell you about (even though they have your phone number). Their policy is the customer must call in to request a refund before they issue it, knowing most customers will never know. Great customer service, right? Absolutely ridiculous. Very shady. Someone should audit their books and see how much money they owe their customers. If you've done business here, you should call and find out if you're owed anything. And then, after you do call when you find out, it takes 2-4 weeks to issue the refund even though they've had your money for a year and could've just issued a credit to the credit card after the original purchase.