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Hilltop Pharmacy
Hilltop, putting it's bottom dollar, ahead of your health
Pros: The building is nice\rCons: Update: Fraud Alert! WARNING! Today, 5/2/2024. I was able to cancel my prescription at hilltop, the one they lost from 10days ago. I moved it, with my doctors assitance, to Rite-Aid on college way, where they filled it for 57.00. Either they had my new insurance already on file, or that was the cash price as nothing was asked of me except for my ID. I have never been carded at Hilltop......its nice to know Rite-Aid doesn't believe in robbing people, and takes the dispensing of medication seriously. 5/1/2024 Criminal behavior displayed by employees. Asked for explanation of why the price for medication went up. Answer was that my insurance changed. Asked why they had waited a week to fill the prescription if the change from one insurance company to another resulted in an increase of 350.00 dollars, was told that wasn't their fault, my doctors office had sent it to squim wa? Ok.....so? My doctor messed up, so you say, hard to believe but sure.......or you messed up, and I caught you. You saw that my insurance was changing, and you can just blame the consumer for everything. So you misplace my prescription, misplace the new insurance although you could just look it up, and then call me to come get it when my other insurance has lapsed and you can charge me a cash price of 400.00, because you can't find my new insurance. Had the old insurance all last week though and I definitely don't send and fill my own scripts, so I'd love to hear how I'm wrong, but seems to me like you thought you could skim some cream. It's not like I can verify a cash price for medication, now can I? I declined picking it up, transferring to anywhere else. I'd stay away people, probably similar to the people from China Wok, might be the same people. Simply criminal. P.S. pharmacist is in his 50s, yet only has 11yrs experience. Late life change? Or just couldn't hack it in college? Perhaps criminal record, or time in prison? Who knows, but merits investigating. Also all female personnel, except pharmacists, bigotry at its finest ladies and gentlemen. Got 2 stars, as just like the neighborhood plugs they are, they have what you need.