Local pharmacies in Mc Farland, WI

Friendliest Pharmacy In a 100mile radius!!!
Pros: I like that all staff will take The time to address any concerns and answer all questions they’re also extremely extremely polite I mean they treat you as if you were a family member and they want you to truly feel better as fast as possible. They are helpful even when your requests require significant investments of time and effort. The staff however does these difficult and sometime tedious tasks without complaint because it is a policy there instituted buy some sort of unwritten rule that they help and they don’t care about the amount of time that is required to invest to solve the problem they just want you to be the healthiest you that you can be I’ve gone to other larger chain pharmacies and they have just been so negative disrespectful inconsiderate unhelpful and I finally found a pharmacy that actually cares about me and my health and what they can do to help me maintain the healthiest level of my health that I can I would recommend this pharmacy 100 times over and I would shouted from the rooftops if I could this is a GRADE A PHARMACY!!!\rCons: I know this is a smaller pharmacy but I really think that it could have a longer hours it could be open a little later in the day but that’s a very minor thing and it really does not affect my opinion of that pharmacy because they will deliver it to you they will compensate their lack of open hours anyway that you need.